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Sunday, October 10, 2010

J&K Grameen Bank

J&K Grameen BankInvites application for Officer cadre and Clerak cadre
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  1. when wil be the call letters of for the post of clerical issued.there is no procedure for that

  2. hi
    whn the exam of PO is conduct

  3. when the result of PO & clerk will be declare????????

  4. Arrey Bhai Result Kab Aaye Ga...?

  5. I do not know what is problem of J & k Govt.that really does not take serious steps for improving their recruitment policies and procedures.

    No doubt i might be wrong because of my selfish nature but still there is some thing wrong that happens again and again.

    It is very simple when the per-requisitions are send to the HR department with No. of requirements or when the man power planning is done then what is the fun of wasting our time ,why this recruitment takes a long period of time to complete,why you are wasting our precious time , This is the main cause that we people of J&K lacks interest and trust,and hope and the main reason behind that is our own systems that have been formulated and framed by the Govt. of Jammu And Kashmir.

    If you can not do it smartly,Give us the chance, we are the youth ,we know the importance of need , we the value of time and money, Give us the chance to bring a change in our systems ,assign us the role, responsibilities and authority we will show you how come we operate this system in an organized and in a systematic nature.that will lead to employment opportunities and will bring down the corruption and our corrupted officials who enjoys their role and status with out deserving that i am sorry if i am i hurting any one but some have to speak up and i have to tell the truth.

    If any body there from the Govt. side or from the Banking side is reading this genuine grievance then please wake up we in the 21 century and we have to do a lot of things and we have to achieve much more ,go a head ,do some thing for economic development of state,
    and do some thing for your youth, take your responsibilities seriously play your role well and bring a change in the society. Money is not every thing do it as for man kind.

    Hope you will consider my Grievance and will do some thing .

    waseem rasool kamal